Sqay is a South Asian Martial arts form of sword-fighting originating in Ancient Kashmir.

The SQAY Asia is one of the 5 continental Organization of International Council Of Sqay  and we are the official governing body of Sqay  activities in the Asian continent.
All our activities are aimed at promoting and developing  Sqay Martial in this continent.
There are currently Twenty-five (25) member national Federation are affiliated to the SQAY Asia.


Making  Sqay Martial Arts  an Olympic sport and a healthy way of life for people around the World.


The  ICSQAY develops Sqay Martial Arts throughout the world, enriching people’s lives physically and mentally, and promoting friendship and understanding, free from all forms of discrimination, between all people through the spirit of sport.

About Us

Sqay organization of Asia (SOA) IS GOVERNING Body of sqay in Asia. Sqay organization of Asia was established in 2000 at Kashmir India.with the aim and object to promote indigenous Martial Art of Kashmir throughout the Asia.
To conduct the seminars, competitions, exhibition matches cultural exchange program throughout the Asia.

In the First  AGM  it was decided by house that Dr Basher from India will be President and Grandmaster Mir Nazir (Founder of Sqay)  as Secretary General
The first  executive committee was headed by Dr Basheer  with members from Nepal. Sri Lanka. Bhutan  and India 

In 2013 General Elections was held to elect  the new  excutive committee for the term 2013-17  the new elected office bearers of sqay organization of Asia for the erm of four years as as under ;-
President.  Dr Basheer (India)
Secretary General.  Grandmaster Mir Nazir  (founder of Sqay)
Vice President. Hassan Abd Jalyl Yamani (Jordan)
Vice President. Mr Sallah Habib (Syria)
Executive committee Members
Tariq Javed Ali    Pakistan
A R  Nayon.    Bangladesh
And the other members from the country Jordan. Syria. Pakistan. Bangladesh. Sri Lanka. Nepal. Malaysia.Bhutan . Thailand. Uzbekistan. United Arab Emirates and  India

In 2017 General Elections the new executive committee was elected with new faces in executive committee with the aim and objective to promote and uplift sqay in Asia.
The executive committee term will be four years from 2017 to 2021 the election was held at Bangkok Thailand the new elected office bearers are as under
President.  Husam Alomiri(Jordan)
Vice President. Ahmad Atiyah (Iraq)
Vice President. Salah Habib(Syria)
Vice president  Vassana Pantajak (Thailand)
Secretary General. Er Ahmad Arshid (India')
Joint secretary  Aliakbar Esmaeili (Iran)
Joint secretary. Yadu Maya Adhikari (Nepal)
Joint secretary Aldi Tirta (Indonesia)
Asstt. Secretary  Tariq Javed Ali (Pakistan )
Treasure. A R Nayon. (Bangladesh)
Executive committee Members
Sri Lanka  Bhutan. Malaysia. Uzbekistan.Philippian . Hong Kong. China. South Korea and UAE